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"We were approached by our client to assist them in designing and planting up an existing rockery in their rear garden. There had been several attempts to revive the area over recent years with limited success.

The brief was to create a focal point from the property with low maintenance and a colourful display being priority. The client chose our "Silver Gilt" level from our Plant Scheme Design Service.

From our initial site meeting we were able to identity their preferred colour palate, planting style and time of year when the border would be required to be at its optimum.

We designed and presented our recommendations on our second visit and the client was able to use our planting plan to purchase the plants from their preferred supplier, RHS Wisley. The work was undertaken and upon completion were instructed to undertake the annual maintenance on the border going forward."

“A low maintenance and colourful display”

  • Services:Plant Scheme Design
    Garden Care
  • Plants: Achillea, Geum, Hemerocallis, Imperata, Callistemon
  • Location: Great Kingshill Resident
  • Date: May 2017


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