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Cedar Tree House

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“An extended season of colour with an emphasis on pastel tones”

“We were approached to design, plant and maintain a prime area of a large garden. The brief was to create an extended season of colour with an emphasis on pastel tones such as Blues, Yellows and Pinks. The clients preference was to use plants that were predominantly evergreen or herbaceous plants that could tolerate being cut back before the foliage died to minimise autumn green waste.

The border was located close to the house, and, in particular the kitchen, whilst being viewed from 3 sides as well as from the first floor.

Located on a steep, south facing, slope and part of a larger border with mature, mostly evergreen shrubs, it needed to meet the requirements set out by the client whilst incorporating the local planting." Therefore plants were chosen for their scent, culinary use and prolonged flowering."

  • Services:Plant Scheme Design
    Garden Care
  • Plants: Nepeta, Caryopteris, Ceanothus Repens, Trachelospermum, Santolina, Rosmarinus
  • Location: Penn, Buckinghamshire Resident
  • Date: April 2017


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